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Sophia Proler

today i learned 13 things...


1. That pressing ‘go live’ on your first ever blog post is terrifying.

2. That it’s much easier to hop on a pony you don’t know than a horse, because at least you’re that much closer to the ground.

3. That at least 90% of the horse world uses draw reins improperly. Also, that I’ve probably used draw reins improperly. Womp.

4. That there’s nothing more glorious than finding that perfect distance to a jump and soaring over it, smiling.

(poor form on no helmet, please disregard that part!)

(poor form on no helmet, please disregard that part!)

5. That my dog is not a barn dog. 'Stay in the barn while I ride' translates to 'panic, pant, and get tangled in your leash.'

6. That my heels will never go down as far as the Maclay winners or the eq riders or just about anyone else in my lessons. After 25 years of stretching, straining, and begging, I finally admit defeat. You win, heels, you win.

7. That Neatsfoot oil saves lives. And my credit card. 

8. That losing a horse is impossibly hard, no matter how old he is or how long you knew him. RIP, Ace.

Ace and Dakota galloping off.

Ace and Dakota galloping off.

9. That teaching a rider a new way to communicate with her horse is seriously rewarding.

10. That if I had to start a new horse life, I’d probably try to be an eventer, except that I'd have to blindfold myself the first few times I'd jump down into water. How y'all can gallop over massive, solid obstacles one day, and compose and collect yourself mentally and physically to go into a dressage ring the next is just beyond me!

11. That it’s funny to say I’m a ‘riding instructor’ and know that people hear ‘writing instructor.’ 

12. My day starts off better when I drink my coffee from this mug:


13. That I'm excited, nervous, and ready for The Rider's Closet to become the online resource for top-quality equestrian clothing and rider education, while also being kind of fun to visit. 

Happy Monday, y'all, check back in next week for a post about how to find your first trainer!