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Cavallo Grannus mS Dressage Coat (Women's 10L)


Cavallo Grannus mS Dressage Coat (Women's 10L)


Original Retail: $333.00

Condition: Very good condition; slight discolorations

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Item Details

Description: The Cavallo Grannies mS show coat pairs the traditional look of wool with the performance capability and body-conscious fit of an athletic fabric.  It comes in classic dark grey with luxurious velvet collar detail and four front buttons, well suited for the dressage ring.
Brand: Cavallo
Size: Women's 10L; Shoulders 15.75" Sleeve 24.5" Length 28.5" Chest 37"
Color: Stone grey-blue, navy velvet collar detail; 4 front buttons for tailored, traditional cut suited for dressage; double vented back
Material: 60% wool, 38% polyester, 2% elastic; machine washable!

If you need further specifications, call or email us at 415.723.0873; We're happy to help! 


How to fit a show coat

Comfort: Practice your riding position with a show coat on over a show shirt. Does it feel like it's about to split? Are you drowning in material? The coat should feel a bit roomier (but not boxy) 'on the ground' since you need some space to move in the saddle! The Rider's Closet offers a 10-day return policy, so if you're not happy with your coat, let us know and we'll find you one that works!

Shape: Everyone wants to have a waist. To make sure your coat flatters your waist best, align the 4th coat button down at the same level as your belly button.

Length: Coat tails should rest at the middle of your bum. Longer, and you'll sit on them; shorter, and you'll be showing off your belt every time you move. Jacket sleeves should rest at your wrist bone. When in doubt, go for the slightly longer sleeves and coat tails to allow for more movement.