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Grand Prix Hunter Shadbelly (Children's 14R)

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Grand Prix Hunter Shadbelly (Children's 14R)

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Item Details

Description: The children's Grand Prix hunter shadbelly is made from fine Italian wool for a perfectly striking competition look. The double-breasted front buttons, fun pink gingham points, and light pink lining create a youthful yet traditional look, while the high quality tailoring will let you to ride your best!  
Brand: Grand Prix
Size: Children's 14R - Shoulders 13.75", Sleeves 21.5", Chest 31", Length (front) 16", Length (tails) 32.5"
Color: Black, light pink lining. Adorable pink gingham points for a youthful, yet hunter-appropriate look.
Material: 100% wool


Sizing Guide

Grand Prix coats from Canada use UK sizing. Confusing, we know! Typically, UK sizes are 4 numbers up from US equivalents. Many people go up two full sizes from their street clothes in their Grand Prix coats, as well. So if you are a US 6, a Grand Prix 14 (US 10) could be a great fit. See below for a fitting guide. The Rider's Closet offers free returns, so please feel free to try the coat on in person before making your final decision! 

If you need further specifications, call or email us at 415.723.0873; We're happy to help! 


How to fit a show coat

Comfort: Practice your jumping position with a show coat on over a show shirt. Does it feel like it's about to split? Are you drowning in material? The coat should feel a bit roomier (but not boxy) 'on the ground' since you need some space to move in the saddle! The Rider's Closet offers 10-day free returns, so if the coat doesn't fit, we'll help you find one that does! 

Shape: Everyone wants to have a waist. To make sure your coat flatters your waist best, align the 3rd coat button down at the same level as your belly button.

Length: Shadbelly coat tails fit quite differently than traditional show coat tails. Let the tails flow out behind you and ride with confidence! Jacket sleeves should rest at your wrist bone. When in doubt, go for the slightly longer sleeves and coat tails to allow for more movement.